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Link Exchange

We do not have a section exclusively for links exchange. We allow a link exchange in your ad. When creating a new ad you have the option to add the data of your website and the backlink, but first you must choose a banner from below and add to your website. Note: We automatically check the backlink every so often. If we can't find our link, we will disable your link here.

  • Text Link

  • Banner 728x90
    Escorts Babes Banner 728 x 90

  • Banner 468x60
    Escorts Babes Banner 468 x 60

  • Banner 320x50
    Escorts Babes Banner 320 x 50

  • Banner 300x250
    Escorts Babes Banner 300 x 250

Custom advertising

Need national or worldwide traffic for your advertising campaigns? For anchor text in the header or custom banners in the body, get in touch with us at info@escortsbabes.com